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Thanks for visiting Rafael's Tree Service! Whether you are looking to have a tree on your property removed or your property hasn't had the proper maintenance and requires cleanup/removal of unwanted debris, we are the company to call! We take care of the job we are doing and are emotionally invested in the quality in which it ends up.


We provide a large range of services and we take pride in all of them. Lots of people think to call a tree service company when something is significantly wrong - like removing a potentially hazardous dead tree from their yard, but this should not be the only time to think about tree service. Many times hiring a company to remove branches and excess debris can prevent an entire tree needing to be removed and definitely minimizes the hazards during a storm and the clean up afterwards.


Contact us for a free consultation and free estimate, no strings attached. We will provide a reasonable evaluation of the job you need done and a very reasonable rate. 


Not giving the proper maintanance to a tree could lead to a hazardous situation, especially if there are large branches hanging over a house, garage, shed, or on a commercial property. The proper tree trimming prevents overgrowth and other factors that, over time, will lead to disease and potentially hazardous trees. Proper maintenance and trimming of smaller branches that block growth is essential to keep the tree healthy. 


If you have been seeing some odd discoloration on your trees or shrubs, let us know, Or, if you're noticing that your trees are appearing like they are slowly dying, let us know right away. We can easily come check the tree and work on a solution to take care of the problem.


Do you have land that you just recently acquired and need it cleared? What about a property you've had for a while but it has never been usable? Again, we have you covered. We can come in and remove all the trees and overgrowth and level it out for you. Clearing debris and overgrowth from an unmaintained property can be a difficult task, so allow the professionals to do it.


Also, please take us in consideration when an emergency situation arises.  We will send our team out right away to get your situation under control.  That's what we are here for. We mean it when we say that our priority is your safety and satisfaction. 


So, let's recap. If you're looking for Tree Trimming, Tree Maintenance, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Tree Disease Evaluation, Land or Lot Clearing or even Tree Mulching to name a few, we are the company you need to call!

Fill in the contact form located in the "contact us" page or call us at (918) 607-5724 to set up a time for us to come give you an estimate.  We will give you a quote for the work you need done. We will do our best to fit into your schedule. We understand your time is important. Call today and let Rafael's Tree Service provide you with the best tree services.















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