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Tree Mulching 

Tree mulch is a wonderful form of nutrients for newly planted trees. 


It improves the soil and prevents evaporation of water from the soil-reducing the need to water as frequently. 


As mulch decomposes it turns into nutrients for other plants and encourages development of worms and other organisms that help keep the soil healthy. 

Although there are different types of mulch, Organic mulch enriches the soil as it adds organic matter to the soil. Therefore, your garden and lawn will need less fertilizer and other additives. Mulch also reduces unwanted weed growth.   


In addition, tree mulch functions like a barrier from the cold during winter, heat during summer and from strong wind. It insulates the roots, especially of perennials, protecting them from freeze thaw cycles.


Tree mulching also prevents erosion and compaction of soil, helps to prevent trunk injury by trimmers and mowers and saves you a lot of time and money. 


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