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Tree Removal


Removing a tree from a yard or lot is not a simple task. It requires experience and accuracy to be done without causing other damages.   


You will quickly see that we are experienced professionals. Our crew is always prepared when they arrive to do a tree removal. Proper gear is always used for safety.


When the crew begins to cut big branches from the tree the rope can be used to guide these large pieces of wood safety to the ground. Every extra safety precaution is made.  We want to keep our crew, people around and other property, out of harms way.


Call Now if you are looking to have a tree on your property removed. You can also fill out the free estimate form and you will be contacted promptly by our experienced staff who will be able to answer all your questions or schedule an appointment.   


No matter the size of the tree, or what's around it, Rafael's Tree Service can safely remove your unwanted tree! 

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