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Tree Trimming/Pruning

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning can both be considered landscaping services because they are done when you are trimming up and maintaining your yard. Tree Pruning is done for the overall health of a tree or a shrub and usually involves removing dead, loose, or infected  branches. It can also be done to give the shrub a freshly cut and maintained look.    

Tree Trimming is usually done on shrubs and hedges and involves removing bushes that have become overgrown. 

A gas powered or electric hedge trimmer is common for trimming purposes.  

Here Are Some Benefits of Trimming  

1. Healthier Shrubs 

Overgrown shrubs not only look bad but can be detrimental, not only to itself, but to surrounding plants, If the overgrowth blocks sunlight, moisture or is smothering nearby plants.  

2. Keeps Shrubs, Tree, Hedges from Damaging Other Structures  

A tree's branches, if allowed to, can damage structures. Keep your trees branches out of power lines and off of your roof.   


3. Visually Appealing  

Trees, shrubs, or hedges that are trimmed make your yard and garden look more appealing.   

If you have branches that are low or resting on the roof, or if you have overgrown shrubs and hedges, that is a good sign that it is time to call Rafael's Tree Service. We'll come and trim those branches away and trim up those shrubs so that they can stay healthy and vibrant.  And don't worry about the mess, we will haul away any debris from the trimming.  


Call us NOW at 918-607-5724 if you have any questions about tree pruning or trimming. You can also fill out the "Free Estimate" form and we'll get right back to you.   



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